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5 reasons why our Butterfly valves are the best

What is a Butterfly valve?

The butterfly valve was created for applications where a tight seal was not required. These valves, on the other hand, have been designed with fairly tight seals made of rubber or elastomeric materials. When there is a limitation of space, butterfly valves are used. Unlike gate valves, butterfly valves can be used to throttle or regulate flow as well as be fully open or closed. The pressure loss through a butterfly valve is low as compared to a gate valve.

Fire Safe:

You should be able to trust your butterfly valves to survive fire and prevent the contents of a processing plant from causing a fire safety threat because they’re frequently utilised to process toxic and reactive chemicals. You want to know that your valves can withstand corrosion and block the leakage of any dangerous elements in the case of a failure, accident, or tragedy. While many valve manufacturers claim that their valves are fire-safe, ours are built with fire-resistant metal seats and are tested and certified. This isn’t only for your own peace of mind: having recorded certification might help you avoid costly lawsuits.

Best Quality Butterfly Valve:

Because of the high-quality materials used in their construction, our valves operate effectively and last a long time. We weld carbon steel, stainless steel, and other high-performance metals to ensure that they can survive the harshest temperatures and pressures. Safety features on our double-offset butterfly valves include an internal stop to prevent over-travel and an adjustable packing gland to prevent surface leaking. Because our valves have spline drives, they’re easier and faster to repair, which is a bonus that can help you reduce plant downtime. Our revolutionary boltless retention rings, on the other hand, set our butterfly valves apart. As a result, our valves are appropriate for the most demanding applications.



Tested and Certified Valves:

API, AWWA are just a few of the certifications we’ve obtained. Our valves are pressure tested, cryogenic tested, and fugitive emissions tested in addition to being API-607 tested for fire safety. They’re even put through a salt spray test to see if they’re corrosion-resistant. Positive material identification (PMI) testing is used to ensure that our valves are constructed with only the highest-quality materials. We include all certifications with the valves we sell, so you’ll never have to worry about being sued over them.

Unbeatable Value:

Our valves provide you more for less money. Our valves are only equivalent to the most expensive ones available due to the high grade of materials and our stringent safety criteria. However, we distinguish ourselves by offering you the very best at the most reasonable price, allowing you to benefit from an exceptional value that converts to a greater bottom line. Our valves provide a long service life with minimal maintenance thanks to characteristics like frictionless closure and stronger sealing. This is why they are so cost-effective and suited for essential applications where maintenance downtime must be maintained to a bare minimum. Our triple-offset butterfly valves, in fact, can be utilised for up to 50,000 cycles before requiring maintenance.


Choosing right Butterfly Valves for your application:

Get in contact with us today to learn more about how you can utilise our butterfly valves in your application and receive a free quote! Butterfly valves, double offset butterfly valves, triple offset butterfly valves, AWWA standard butterfly valves, Metal Seated Butterfly Valves are all available from us. At Valvesonly, you’re likely to discover something that’s appropriate for your application.

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