Difference between Ball Valve and Gate Valve

Ball Valve:

The flow of the medium in a ball valve is controlled by a hollow ball. The ball is attached to a stem that moves upwards to open and downwards to close. This type of valve is a quick open and close valve that provides tight shutoff. This valve is manufactured in order to perform in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. Either a fully automated or a manual operation is used. Ball valves are capable of throttling gases and vapours and are especially effective in low flow settings. They are used in many hydrocarbon process applications.

Gate Valve:

A gate valve is often used to shut off the flow in the valve rather than regulate it. Because there are no obstructions in the flow path, this valve has a very low flow resistance. It prevents any kind of leaking. There are two positions for these valves: fully open and completely closed. When the gate valve is opened, the disc is completely removed from the flow stream. This valve provides a number of advantages over other valves. Gate valves are useful in a number of applications. They are used in the chemical, petrochemical, power generation, pulp & paper, and oil and gas refining industries.


              Gate Valve                  Ball Valve
A Gate valve has a disc which controls the flow of the medium in the Valve.A Ball Valve has a hollow or pivoting ball which controls the flow of the medium in the Valve.
A Gate Valve does not provide immediate shutoff.They provide immediate shutoff.
They are available in larger sizes.The sizes available are smaller when compared to Gate Valve.

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