How does a check valve work and what are the types?

How does a Check Valve work?

What is a Check Valve?

A check valve is a type of valve that only enables medium to flow in one direction. They have two ports: one for media input and the other for media output. Because they only allow medium to flow in one direction, they’re called ‘one way valves’ or ‘non return valves.’ The basic function of a check valve is to prevent backflow in the system.

Functions of a Check Valve:

The purpose of a check valve is to prevent the flow of a medium from reversing in the system, which could cause damage to equipment or cause the operation to be disrupted. They’re known as one-way directional valves. Check valves are commonly employed to prevent backflow in liquid pumps and gas compressors, which could cause the pump or compressor to shut down. They’re also employed in process systems that require multiple pressures to be kept separate. They don’t require any external electricity to operate because they rely on the pressure drop created by the medium flow.

Types of Check Valve:

  • Swing check valve.
  • Ball check valve.
  • Lift check valve.
  • Dual plate check valve.
  • Silent check valve.
  • Non slam swing check valve.
  • Tilting disc check valve.
  • Pressure seal check valve.


Are you looking for the best Check Valve Manufacturer in USA?

Following are some of the best Check valve manufacturers in USA:

Valvesonly: Valvesonly a group of SVR Global  one of the largest and reputed Check valve manufacturer in USA and Canada well known for manufacturing customized valves within North America and exporting valves Globally. Valvesonly has modeled its operational framework based on customer satisfaction on production and supply of valves.

Precision Check Valve Inc.: Precision Check Valve has been manufacturing check valves for 18 years. It specialises in small stainless steel check valves that are spring loaded. It prioritises the needs of its customers and thus delivers customised check valves to meet those needs. To prevent the causes of leakage that occur in plastic injection moulded check valves, all of the valves made in its facilities are CNC machined.

Powell Valves: Powell has been producing high-quality goods since 1846. Wafer check valves are among the high-temperature, high-pressure forged steel valves we offer. These valves come in diameters ranging from 12″ to 4″ and can be threaded or flanged, making them perfect for tight spaces.

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