Dual Plate Check Valve Manufacturer in USA:

Valvesonly is a leading Dual Plate Check valve manufacturer in USA. Dual Plate check valves have a short-stroke, spring-assisted twin Disc action for increased dynamic behaviour that reacts fast to speed Rates. The valve has been enclosed for a fraction of a second, decreasing loud noise and lowering surge pressures to protect expensive pumping machinery from wind. Backward flow is not permitted through a Dual Plate Check valve. It is little and light in weight, but it has a powerful nature. It’s made up of two spring-loaded plates that are joined by a hinge pin. When the flow changes, the plates close on their own, preventing the medium from flowing backwards.

Dual Plate Check Valve Uses:

  • It inhibits backward flow of gas, fluid, and air in the case of a breakdown.
  • It maintains a consistent pressure.
  • It can also function as a backup system.
  • It’s often used in both horizontal and vertical application.

Dual Plate Check Valve Working:

Because there are two plates instead of one in a traditional swing check valve, the plates are smaller in area and lighter in weight. Plate opening is unique in that it first pulls up at the heel and then swings, ensuring no rubbing against the seat. As a result, the rate of seal wear and tear is reduced. Other designs are unable to include this functionality, resulting in a higher rate of seal wear. This is accomplished through the use of a unique spring action and hinge design.


The valve’s cylindrical body gives it the appearance of any other pipe fitting. When compared to a traditional swing check valve, a cylindrical body has a considerably more consistent stress distribution. The pressure-containing component of the Dual Plate Check Valve’s cylindrical body can be constructed to sustain a large amount of weight (thickness). As a result, these valves have a notable advantage over traditional valves for severe/rugged loading situations, both in terms of safety and economies, as well as general versatility.

Dual Plate Check Valve Double Flanged:

Dual Plate Check valve is used in many industries like

  • Gas and Liquid Pipelines Industry
  • Water and steam system
  • Cooling towers
  • Water Treatment
  • Mine Dewatering

Available Materials: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, WCB, WC6, LCC, LCB, WCC, SS304, SS316, Aluminium Bronze.


Class: 150 to 600

Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN250

Size: 2” to 24”

Ends: Wafer, Lug, Flanged

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