In India, ValvesOnly is the leading Butterfly valve manufacturer. ValvesOnly manufactures butterfly valves, which are one of the industrial-grade, high-quality butterfly valves available. These valves have a long lifespan, excellent performance, and minimal maintenance. A butterfly valve is made up of two discs attached to a spinning shaft, as the name suggests. The disc completely stops the line when the butterfly valve is fully closed. The disc will be at a 90-degree angle to the flow when the butterfly valve is fully opened. In India, the best butterfly valve manufacturer.

ValvesOnly has the ability to produce high-quality products and our well-integrated work environment. Our infrastructure is dispersed over a large area and has plenty of room for expansion. We put a lot of money into leveraging current manufacturing techniques to improve our ability to reach a wider audience with our products in a fast-paced market. Our in-house manufacturing facilities are divided into highly advanced divisions for R&D, product testing, packaging, and distribution, each led by a trained professional.

Advantages of installing a Butterfly Valve:

  • Designed with a large neck to provide optimal insulation.
  • ANSI 125/150 bolt patterns may be accommodated by this assembly, which is made up of one piece of ductile cast iron.
  • All forms of hand levers, multi-turn manual gear, and power operators/actuators can be mounted on the ISO 5211 mounting flange. It’s known as a Double
  • Bronze stem bushings coated with Teflon give good longevity for lengthy periods of inactivity.
  • To make manual or power-assisted operation easier, the operating torque is reduced.
  • As a consequence, the use of a one-piece strong seat with molded-in (integral) seat compression restricts seat compression to acceptable proportions, eliminating the need for additional flange gaskets.

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