Air Release Valve Manufacturer in USA

Air release valves are mostly used in water treatment plants for release of air during the process of draining or treatment. There are several types of Air/Vacuum release valve we supply-

  1. Single orifice air release valve
  2. Double orifice air release valve
  3. Double orifice kinetic air release valve

Some of the materials we use are cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel. Customized material can be manufactured based on client requirement.

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    Double Orifice Air Valve

    Double Orifice Air Valve No. Parts Name Material 1 Nut SS304 2 Washer SS304 3 Gasket NBR 4 Body Ductile Iron, Cast Iron 5 Float Ball Wooden core,fully vulcanized with EPDM rubber 6 Stem SS420 7 Middle Plank SS420 8 O-Ring Ductile Iron, Cast Iron 9 Right Cover Ductile Iron, Cast Iron 10 Drain Coke […]

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    Double Orifice Kinetic Air Valve

    Double Orifice Kinetic Air Valve Size : 40 to 200mm Working Pressure: PN10, PN16 Design standard: DIN3352 Body : Cast iron  GG25, Ductile Iron GGG40 Bonnet : Cast iron  GG25, Ductile Iron GGG40 Cap : Cast iron  GG25, Ductile Iron GGG40 Normal pressure: 1.6Mpa Shell test pressure: 2.4Mpa Seat Test pressure: 1.6Mpa Flanges drilled conforms […]

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    Single Orifice Air Valve

    Single Orifice Air Valve No. Part Material 1 Body Cast Iron GG25, Ductile iron 2 Seal gasket