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Valvesonly is one of the largest Ball valve manufacturer in USA. We have customers from around the world and we manufacture valves for them according to their requirements. We provide valves of the highest quality, and they are cost effective. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality, safe, and durable products. Our valves are made with high-quality materials in our advanced manufacturing facility.

Ball valves are shut-off valves that use a rotary ball with a bore to control the flow of gases or liquids. The medium can either flow through or be blocked by rotating the ball 90 degrees around its axis. The name ball valve is derived from the ball-shaped disc located within the body; these valves are lightweight and have a long-life span. These valves are widely used in industries because they can withstand high pressure and temperature. They are simple to maintain and can be controlled manually or by an actuator. Ball valves are useful for quick on-off service.

Different types of Ball Valve

  • Double block & bleed ball valve
  • Forged steel ball valve
  • Cast iron and cast steel ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Heavy duty investment casting ball valve
  • Fully welded ball valve
  • Top entry ball valve
  • Trunnion ball valve
  • Jacketed ball valve
  • Investment casting ball valve

Different parts of ball valve:

  • Valve body
  • Rotary Ball
  • Stem
  • Seats
  • Power source
  • Packing
  • Bonnet

Advantages of Ball valve:

  • They provide tight seal
  • These valves do not require lubrication
  • Immediate shutoff facility
  • Operation is quick and simple
  • High corrosive resistance
  • They are compact

Different types of industries ball valves are used in

  • Oil & gas Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Mining Industry


Available materials: Cast iron, WCB, WCC, WC6, LCC, LCB, Titanium, SS304, SS316, CF8, CF8M, F55, F51, F53, Monel, Ductile Iron.

PN PN10 to PN450

Class: 150-2500

Size: 1/2”- 48”.

Operations: Lever operated, electric actuated, pneumatic actuated, gear operated

Ends: Flanged, Butt weld, Socket weld, Threaded

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    1 Piece Flanged Ball Valve

    1 Piece Flanged Ball Valve Design & manufacture: EN12516, DIN3357 Face to Face: DIN 3202, EN558-1, DN15 to DN100 (F4,F14), DN125 to DN250 (F5,F15) Flange End: EN1092-2, ISO7005-2 Nominal Pressure: PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63 Pressure testing: EN1266, ISO 5208, DIN 3230 Nominal Size: DN15 to DN250 Body: Cast Iron, Cast Steel, CF8, CF8M Ball: SS304, […]