Basket Strainer

Valvesonly is a premier Basket Strainer Manufacturer in USA. It is a crucial component in many fluid handling systems, especially in industrial and commercial settings. Its primary purpose is to remove undesirable particles and contaminants from a liquid, ensuring the fluid remains clean and free from debris before it enters critical equipment like valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and other machinery. When uninterrupted operation is essential and shutdowns are not an option, you have two choices: you can either employ two separate single strainers in parallel or opt for the utilization of duplex basket strainers.


  • Simplicity
  • Effective particle removal
  • Enhanced system efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness


  • Power Generation
  • Paint Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Automotive Industry


  • Body: Carbon Steel, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, Cast Iron, SS304, SS316
  • Class: 150/PN16
  • Size:1 ½”-8”
  • Ends- Flanged, threaded, Buttweld, socket weld.

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    Simplex Basket Strainer

    Simplex Basket Strainer Body: Carbon Steel, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, Cast Iron, SS304, SS316 Screen: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L Gasket: Graphite+Stainless Steel Cover: A105, F304, F304L, F316, F316L Cover Ball: A193 B7, A193 B8, A193 B8M Cover Nut: 2H Drain Plug: A193 B7, A193 B8, A193 B8M Nominal Diameter: DN25 to DN400 Nominal Pressure: Class150 to […]