Pneumatic Angle Control Valve

Valvesonly is a leading Pneumatic Angle Control Valve Manufacturer in USA. A pneumatic angle control valve is a type of valve used in industries to control the flow of fluids using compressed air. Its 90-degree angle design helps with flow direction and reduces pressure drops. It’s crucial for precise regulation in automated systems, maintaining factors like pressure and temperature in various processes.

A pneumatic angle control valve operates by receiving control signals from sensors that monitor process variables. These signals adjust the compressed air pressure supplied to the valve’s actuator. The actuator’s movement changes the valve’s internal mechanism, altering the fluid flow opening. This adjustment regulates flow based on the desired conditions. Feedback from downstream sensors helps the control system fine-tune the valve’s position, ensuring accurate flow control.

Valvesonly is a prominent Pneumatic Angle Control Valve manufacturer in the USA, offering cutting-edge solutions for fluid flow regulation and control.


  • Actuator
  • Valve Body
  • Internal Valve Mechanism (Plug, Disc, Ball, etc.)
  • Valve Seat
  • Compressed Air Supply
  • Control System
  • Sensors


  • Pneumatic valves allow accurate and fine-tuned control over fluid flow rates, maintaining consistent process conditions.
  • Pneumatic actuators respond rapidly to control signals, enabling swift adjustments to changing process requirements.
  • Pneumatic systems are known for their durability and reliability, making them suitable for continuous and demanding operations.
  • The straightforward design of pneumatic valves makes maintenance and repairs relatively uncomplicated.
  • Pneumatic angle control valves find use in diverse industries, from chemical processing to power generation.
  • The design of angle valves helps minimize pressure drops, enhancing overall system efficiency.


  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Water Treatment
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemicals


  • Used for regulating fluid flow in drilling, refining, and distribution processes.
  • Employed to control the flow of chemicals during various production processes.
  • Utilized to manage the flow of water in treatment facilities and distribution systems.
  • Used in power plants to regulate the flow of steam, water, or gases.
  • Applied in the processing of raw materials into valuable products like plastics and solvents.
  • Employed to control fluid flow in mining operations, including slurry and process water management.


  • Body material- WCB, WC6, CF8, CF8M, SS304, SS316, Stellite, Steel, Aluminium
  • Size-1”-6”
  • Class- 150/PN16, 300
  • Ends- Flanged, RF, MF, RTJ
  • Operation-Pneumatic

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    Pneumatic Angle Control Valve

    Pneumatic Angle Control Valve Body: WCB, WC6, CF8, CF8M Bonnet: WCB, WC6, CF8, CF8M Seat: SS304, SS316, Stellite Plug Metal Sealing: SS304, SS316, Stellite Plug Soft Sealing: SS304, SS316, Stellite Cage: SS304, SS316 Guide Sleeve: SS304, SS316 Stem: SS304, SS316 Balanced Piston: Steel, Aluminium Balanced Piston Ring: Fluorine Ring, SS+Reinforced PTFE, Flexible Graphite Ring Nominal […]