Swing Check Valve

Valvesonly is a trusted Swing Check Valve Manufacturer in USA. A swing check valve is a type of mechanical device designed to regulate the flow of fluids, typically in piping systems. Its primary function is to allow the fluid to flow in one direction while preventing backflow in the opposite direction. The valve consists of a disc, often shaped like a pendulum or a door, which swings on a hinge or pivot point within the valve body. When the fluid flows in the desired direction, the swinging disc opens, permitting the passage of the fluid. However, when there is a reversal in flow or backpressure, the disc swings back to its closed position, effectively blocking the reverse flow and preventing any unwanted backflow.

The operation of a swing check valve is based on the principle of gravity and the force exerted by the flowing fluid. The disc is typically positioned at an angle to allow easy movement when the fluid is flowing in the desired direction. The hinge mechanism ensures smooth operation, allowing the disc to swing freely. The appearance of a swing check valve is characterized by a cylindrical or rectangular body with inlet and outlet ports, and the swinging disc positioned inside. These valves are commonly used in various industries, including water treatment, oil and gas, and chemical processing, where preventing backflow is crucial for maintaining system efficiency and safety.


  • Swing check valves allow for a smooth and efficient flow of fluids in one direction.
  • One of the primary functions of these valves is to prevent backflow or reverse flow of fluids in a piping system.
  • They are generally simple in design, with fewer moving parts compared to some other types of check valves.
  • They are versatile and can be used in various industries and applications.
  • They are often cost-effective compared to some other types of check valves.
  • They are well-suited for larger pipe sizes, where the swinging disc design is effective in controlling flow without causing significant pressure drops.
  • When closed, swing check valves provide an effective seal, preventing leakage and ensuring a bubble-tight shut-off.


  • Water Treatment
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Processing
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Construction


  • Body Material: Cast Steel ( A216 WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9),WCB, SS304, 316L, Duplex Steel, 904L, Aluminium bronze, Stainless Steel SS316 , SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F304, F316, F31L, F51, F3, F55, F91
  • Class 150LB-2500LB
  • Size ½”- 40″
  • Ends butt weld, socket weld, threaded, flanged

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    Swing Check Valve

    Swing Check Valve Body: Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, SS304, SS316, SS316L, F316L, CF3M Bonnet: Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, SS304, SS316, SS316L, F316L, CF3M Disc: WCB, CF8, LCC, C5 Seat: A105, F304, LF3, F5a Disc Washer: Carbon Steel, SS316 Bolt Washer: Carbon Steel, SS316 Gasket: Graphite+Stainless Steel Disc Pin: SS304 Eyebolt: Carbon […]