Valvesonly is a leading Jacketed Plug Valve manufacturer in USA. Jacketed plug valves are easy to open and close, they have minimum resistance to flow and are easy to maintain, and work well when they are sealed. These valves are used  in chemical, petroleum, and other industries. Valvesonly manufactures good quality and amazing jacketed Plug Valve. A Jacketed Plug valve is a valve that prevents or starts flow using a plug which controls the flow in the valve. When rapid operation is necessary in the system, plug valves are used instead of a gate valve. It’s frequently used in high-pressure applications and applications that work with high temperatures. Jacketed Plug valves has the ability to keep the system warm and cold at the same time. It can minimize medium heat loss in the pipe and pass medium that solidifies at room temperature.

Applications of Jacketed Plug Valve:

  • Jacketed Plug valves are mostly used in low-pressure and low-temperature applications, while they can also be utilized in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
  • Jacketed Plug valves are high-capacity valves that can be utilized to control the flow of the medium in both directions even in low-vacuum systems.
  • These valves are capable of handling both gas and liquid medium.
  • Jacketed Plug valves are commonly used to control the flow of medium that contain suspended solids, such as slurries.

Industries that use jacketed Plug Valve:

  • Chemical industry.
  • Oil piping systems.
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry


Advantages of a Jacketed Plug Valve:

  • Jacketed Plug valves have a simple design.
  • Jacketed Plug valves are simple to open and close in the system (except large dimensions).
  • These valves can be serviced and repaired at the site of operation.
  • Flow resistance is low in this type of valve.
  • There is zero leakage in this valve.


  • BODY MATERIAL: Alloy steel, Cast Iron, Carbon steel, Cast steel (WCB, WCC, LCC, LCB, WC6, WC9), Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316, CF8, CF8M).
  • CLASS: 150 – 2500. PN10 – PN450.
  • SIZE: ½” – 24”.
  • Ends: Socket weld Jacketed Plug Valve,

           Buttweld Jacketed Plug Valve,

Flanged Jacketed Plug Valve,

Threaded Jacketed Plug Valve.

  • OPERATIONS: Gear Operated,

                             Electrical Actuated,

Pneumatic Actuated,

lever operated.


Valvesonly is a leading Jacketed Plug Valve Manufacturer in USA. we’ve been delivering high-quality valves at affordable prices. Industrial valves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own operating theory and purpose. As a result, make your selection based on your requirements.

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    Jacketed Plug Valve

    Jacketed Plug Valve Name Jacketed Plug Valve Size 1/2″~24″; DN15~DN600 Normal pressure Class 150LB~2500LB; PN16~PN420 Design standard API 599,API 6D,ASME B16.34; BS 5353 Body Carbon Steel,Cast Iron,Ductile Iron,Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel Fire safe design API607,API 6FA End flange ANSI B 16.5,ASME B16.47; EN1092,DIN2543~DIN2547,AS2129 Screwed dimension ANSI B1.20.1; BS21;JIS BO20 End flange ANSI B 16.5,EN1092,DIN2543~DIN2547 Face to Face ANSI B 16.10,API 6D; […]