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Valvesonly is a leading Pneumatic control valve manufacturer in USA. Pneumatic control valves or pneumatic flow control valves are capable of safely reducing the pressure with the use of actuators, positioners, and a controller to operate them. Controllers can keep track of pressure changes, and they can modify the pneumatic positioner’s air supply signal as necessary. The diaphragm would receive air from a pneumatic positioner, and that air would cause the valve to open. When the air pressure that is applied to the diaphragm is reduced or restricted, the valves can close because the springs act as an opposing force. Pneumatic control valves are frequently utilised throughout numerous sectors.

The pneumatic control valve is a valve that modifies the flow passage’s size in response to a control signal to control fluid flow. Process factors like pressure, temperature, and liquid level can all be directly controlled by changing the flow rate. In order to control or alter the flow of fluids including gas, oil, water, and steam, a pneumatic control valve employs electricity.

Pneumatic control valve actuator Details:

Size Availability : 120 to 700cm2

Travel rate : 7.5 to 30 mm

Thrust: 0.72 to 27 kN

Options: Handwheel, Travel Stop, Fire Lock

4 -20Mamp


  1. Pneumatic control valve
  2. Electro pneumatic control valve

Size : 1/2” to 24”

Standards: DIN, API, ASME, JIS, GOST,

Class: PN10 to PN450

ANSI 150 To 2500

End Connection: Socket weld, butt weld, flanged, threaded
Materials: Cast Iron, Cast Steel (WCB, WC6, LCB, WCC, LCC, WC9), Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316, CF8, CF8M)

Applications of Pneumatic Control Valve:

  • Chemical industry.
  • Oil refinery industry.
  • Metal or other manufacturing plants.

Advantages of Pneumatic Control Valve:

  • It is inherently safe, the pneumatic control valve is frequently employed in industrial machinery.
  • Pneumatic Control Valve is easy to use and keep up with.

Radiation-prone and high-temperature conditions can be operated with pneumatic control valves.

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