Y Strainer

Strainers are perfect tools for industries that have to deal with debris related equipment damage frequently, and the most inexpensive options as well. Used in pressure lines for gases and liquids, our Y strainers can also be used in vacuum conditions and suctions. These Y strainers come with an advantage of being used both horizontally and vertically; and can tackle water, fuel, and steam in different temperatures and volume. Their construction in a ‘Y’ shape makes high-pressure situation management very easy. These strainers can work coequally with glutinous and thick matters. The design and working of our strainers are non-complex and can be used for various equipment. Machines like water counters, automatic check valves, and pumps from extrinsic materials that might have an impact on the working of the equipment. Industries that require regular safeguarding from debris- Y strainers will be the best option for them. Few industries like the Food Industry, Petroleum Industry, Water Treatment Industry, and Chemical Industry use strainers extensively.

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