Triple Duty Valve Manufacturer in USA

Triple duty valve is majorly used for the purpose of using it on the ejection side of the centrifugal pump that is used mostly in a hydronic cooling or heating system. This triple-duty valve acts as a shut-off valve, balancing valve as well as spring-loaded check valve.

You have reached one of the best triple duty valve manufacturers in the USA. This valve also has a silent and automatic operation. Once the line pressure is about ¼ PSI then the disc will open. Once the line pressure reaches zero, this spring would close the disc thus preventing the flow reversal along with the water hammer. This flow comes passing through the valve and it can also be attuned from shut off that is bubble-tight to full flow with the help of acme rising system. The unit also comes along with the standard gauge tap at each outlet and inlet side and an NPT drain plug.

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    Triple Duty Valve

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