Aluminium Bronze Lug Butterfly Valve

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Aluminium Bronze Lug Butterfly Valve

Body: Aluminium Bronze( C95800, C83600, C84400, B62)


Disc: Aluminium Bronze, SS304, SS316

Stem: SS304, SS316, SS416

Packing: PTFE

Nominal Size: DN40 to DN300

Nominal Pressure: PN1.6 to PN4.0, Class 150 to Class 300

End Type: Lugged

Design and Manufacture Standard: API 609, ASME B16.34, DIN3354, EN593, BS5155

Face to Face Dimension: API 609, DIN3202, EN558-1, ISO5752

Flanged End Dimension: ANSI B16.5, ASME B16.47, EN1092, DIN2543

Inspection and Test: API 598, DIN3230, EN12266

Dimensions                                                                                           Unit: mm

5047102140984316461170904- ф9
65641221521064616591170904- ф9
80761331651134616761170904- ф9
100981561851305220931470924- ф9
12511918820514756201181470954- ф9
150140216223161562213917701254- ф11
2001902682682036025190191021254- ф11
2502373233232356828238221021504- ф14
3002803363362687832281271251504- ф14
3503184154153129238312271251454- ф18


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