AWWA Knife Gate Valve



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AWWA Knife Gate Valve

Size:2″ to 36″Working

Pressure:2″to 24″: 150 psi (10 bar)28″to 36″: 100 psi (7 bar)

Part: Ductile Iron:

Gate:AISI 304

Seat:Metal/Metal or EPDM

Packing:PTFE Impreg. Synthetic . Fibre with an EPDM O-Ring

Gland Follower:CF8 DN 50mm/2″ to DN 300mm/12″or GJS400 (GGG40) DN 350mm/14″ to DN 900mm/36″

Stem:Stainless Steel

Stem nut:Brass

Yoke:Epoxy-coated Carbon Steel

Seat Retainer Ring:AISI 304

Axial fixing bush:AISI 304 (1.4301)

Friction washer:PET + solid lubricant

Guide bush:Bronze

Spring pin:AISI 420 (1.4021) (ISO 8752)

Flange ODOD67-1/291113-1/216192123-1/22527-1/232
Bolt CircleBC4-3/467-1/29-1/211-3/414-1/41718-3/421-1/422-3/42529-1/2
Flanged Raised FaceRF3-5/856-3/168-1/210-5/812-3/41516-1/418-1/2212327-1/4
Inside DiameterID23468101213-1/415-1/417-1/419-1/423-1/4
No. of Bolt HolesN4488812121216162020
Hole D&T SizeD5/8″-115/8″-115/8″-113/4″-103/4″-107/8″-97/8″-91″-81″-81-1/8″-71-1/8″-71-1/4″-7
C/L to Top-ClosedH-CLS14-5/815-1/1616-11/1620-3/1623-7/1627-3/431-9/1637-3/443-1/846-3/850-1/855-11/16
C/L to Top-OpenH-OPN17-1/818-9/1621-3/1626-11/1631-15/1638-1/444-1/1651-3/458-7/864-3/869-3/479-7/8
Handwheel Dia.H/W888121216162020202020
Weight – lbsWT2428365476124174234330376620804



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