Difference between Gate valve and Globe Valve

Difference between Gate valve and Globe Valve

Gate Valve

A gate valve is often used to shut off the flow in the valve rather than regulate it. Because there are no obstructions in the flow path, this valve has a very low flow resistance. It prevents any kind of leaking. There are two positions for these valves: fully open and completely closed. When the gate valve is opened, the disc is completely removed from the flow stream. This valve provides a number of advantages over other valves. Gate valves are useful in a number of applications. They are used in the chemical, petrochemical, power generation, pulp & paper, and oil and gas refining industries.


  • Rising Stem Gate valve
  • Non Rising stem Gate valve
  • Bellow Sealed Gate valve
  • Pressure Seal Gate valve
  • Forged Gate valve
  • Cryogenic Gate valve

Globe Valve:

A globe valve’s major purpose is to start, stop, and regulate the flow of the medium that passes through it. This kind of valve can be used for both isolation and throttling. During valve opening and closing, the disc in the valve rotates perpendicular to the seat. The flow is directed up through the seat ring against the disc’s bottom, making installation of a Globe valve simple. This stops dirt from flowing through the valve.


  • Y Type Globe Valve
  • Angle Globe Valve
  • Bellow Sealed Globe Valve
  • Z Type Globe Valve
  • Pressure seal Globe Valve

Difference Between Gate valve and Globe Valve:

  • Gate valves are normally not used for throttling where globe valve has better throttling capacity.
  • Gate valves are mostly suitable for isolation where Globe Valve is suitable for regulating the flow of the medium.
  • Gate valves has tight shutoff capacity and globe valves cannot seal as tight as a Gate Valve.
  • Gate valves has lower flow resistance and has a smaller pressure drop whereas Globe valve has high flow resistance and higher pressure drop.
  • Gate valves are unidirectional and globe valves are not.

Top Gate Valve Manufacturer and Globe Valve Manufacturer in USA:

  • Valvesonly
  • Flowserve
  • Emerson
  • Bonney Forge
  • Crane Co.

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